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K-Dm Productions has moved to YouTube

2008-02-19 12:29:35 by K-Dm


2014/08/21 UPDATE:

K-Dm is back! sort of...

So after not making any music for a couple of years, I've decided to sort of pick it up again. And I say "sort of" because I still don't really have time to make music from scratch anymore (like I used to). However, it seems I do have time to make anime music mashups every now and then. So if you happen to be on this abandoned page for some reason, and you also happen to like anime and are interested in anime music mashups, then by all means feel free to come check out my YouTube channel.



K-Dm|Zajed - Horsehiding
Zajed|K-Dm-Where The Sky Ends
K-Dm|Zajed - Gone (recommended)
Zajed|K-Dm - SteamMachine (Pre) (recommended)
Zajed|K-Dm - Megaman's End (recommended)
Zajed|K-Dm - Hole In My Heart (recommended)
K-Dm|Zajed - Forfeiting Fate (recommended)

Zajed|K-Dm - Spirit of Legends (recommended)
Zajed|K-Dm - Inferno (recommended)
K-Dm|Zajed - Harakiri (MOST POPULAR) + (recommended)
Zajed|K-Dm - Abhorrence
AD/K-Dm - Culture Day Rmx
K-Dm|DofS - Bloody Hands

Zajed|K-Dm - The Experiment
Zajed|K-Dm - Merry Christmas
Zajed|K-Dm - Scars of Sorrow (ALL-TIME TOP SCORING) + (recommended)
Zajed|K-Dm - Liberation (recommended)
K-Dm|Zajed - Annihilation (MOST POPULAR) + (recommended)
K-Dm|Two-Shekel - Destiny (recommended)
K-Dm|Zajed - Isolation (recommended)
Never Again (Vocal Track)
.:Z:.Never Again Remake (recommended)
.:Z:K:.Ambition Collab (FRONT PAGE) + (recommended)

K-Dm|Zajed - Evolution (recommended)



K-Dm - Society Of Apathy (recommended)

K-Dm - Fear And Loathing (MOST POPULAR) + (recommended)
K-Dm - Fear And Loathing (Pre)
K-Dm - Bakuhatsu (recommended)
K-Dm - Pulling Away

K-Dm - Heartless
K-Dm - Broken Promise
K-Dm - Sleepless Nights
K-Dm - Hellfire (recommended)
K-Dm - Suffocation
K-Dm - Breakdown (RE)
K-Dm - Hole In My Heart (MOST POPULAR) + (recommended)
K-Dm - Breakdown
K-Dm - Deception

K-Dm - After Story (recommended)
K-Dm - The Last Voyage
K-Dm - Forgetting Me (recommended)
K-Dm - Eternal Struggle
K-Dm - This Isn't Goodbye
K-Dm - Awakening
K-Dm - The Avenger (recommended)
K-Dm - Awakening Part 2
K-Dm - Waiting For Nothing (recommended)
K-Dm - Unforgiving Eyes (recommended)
K-Dm - No More Regrets
K-Dm - Hate Me
K-Dm - Lost Time
K-Dm - Culture Day
K-Dm - Pain (recommended)
K-Dm - Desperation

K-Dm - Clouded Conscience
K-Dm - No More Tears (recommended)
K-Dm - Dark Night
K-Dm - The Blues
K-Dm - Boredom
K-Dm - Failure (RE)
K-Dm - Filipino Gangsta
K-Dm - Lost
K-Dm - Tears Of Mist
K-Dm - Separation
K-Dm - Sunrise
K-Dm - Breaking Point
K-Dm - Conflict (recommended)
K-Dm - My Mistakes
K-Dm - Failure
K-Dm - The Rain
K-Dm - Unstoppable (RE) (recommended)
K-Dm - Revelation

K-Dm - Extinction
K-Dm - New Money
K-Dm - Up In The Club
K-Dm - Frustration
K-Dm - The Weight
K-Dm - Nostalgia
K-Dm - Inferiority Complex
K-Dm - Memories
K-Dm - New Beginnings
K-Dm - The End
K-Dm - Insomnia
K-Dm - The Battle (MOST POPULAR) + (recommended)
K-Dm - Through The Pain
K-Dm - Unstoppable (BEST OF THE WEEK)
K-Dm - Worst Nightmare
K-Dm - 2 Shots 1 Head
K-Dm - The Peaceful Days
K-Dm - A Moment Of Sorrow (v1)
K-Dm - Red Alert
K-Dm - Grand Entry
K-Dm - Bad Intentions
K-Dm - Hater Killer

K-Dm - The Struggle
K-Dm - Trapped
K-Dm - The Bling
K-Dm - Ready For War
K-Dm - Never Again (RE) (MOST POPULAR) + (recommended)
K-Dm - The Take Over
K-Dm - My Time's Up
K-Dm - Flawless Victory
K-Dm - Never Again



K-Dm - Life Story



K-Dm - Desolation
K-Dm - Cry Of The Earth (RE)
K-Dm - Cry Of The Earth




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2008-05-03 23:55:03

i just have to say, ive been listening again to all your tracks, and i have to say
your the best producer ive ever seen on newgrounds


2008-05-06 03:42:34

next collab? k thanks


2008-06-27 08:02:39

Yay! Another Filipino!


2008-07-06 11:51:08

Album? O RLY???

Looking for guest artists! Head over to my page for details!!!!


2008-07-15 10:03:58

Aha so im guessing you've heard of TFC right?
lol major props on your music man


2009-03-03 14:34:59



2009-04-19 18:45:25

Alright, that does it,
I here by classify you as 100% beast.
I am currently trying to listen to all of your songs,
then meditateon each song.
Trying to capture all of the greatness.
I showed my buddy some of them,
We got half way through Flawless Victory and his head exploded from sheer amazement.
I was to busy listening to the music I didn't notice the ambulance...
my brother told me what happened when the song ended.


2009-10-12 13:37:21

Wuts good K-DM Havent heard from u in a min. Hows music coming?


2010-04-04 02:52:05

First post on here of 2010


2010-07-27 07:53:54

Gah! Do you know how EASY this song list make my life!?
It's beautiful. Just beautiful.
Also I love how Never Again just kinda evolved, haha

And weren't you going to make an cd? Is it only in Canada?
Then I'm moving!
(At least I'm pretty sure you were going to. Either that or I really wanted you to. What can I say, I wanna explode from awesomeness in the car too)

Dang Canada, has all the good stuff.
But, just saying, awesome music.
Unbeatable as usual.